Who is the best vein doctor near me, and what are the best vein treatments are two common questions people in NYC and Long Island often ask. While the first is debatable, the most effective therapies to remove veins have stood the test of time and are very effective in improv ing both the appearance and the medical circulatory functioning of the legs.

“Spider veins and varicose veins are extremely responsive to injection compression sclerotherapy” says Dr. Lee G. Schulman M.D. of the Schulman Vein And Laser Center of NYC and Long Island.  He adds however that in certain situations the injection is done using the same family of medicines but injected as a shaving-cream-like substance in what is called Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy.  The foam texture of the injected medicine, as opposed to just pure liquid sclerotherapy, helps certain larger veins heal more rapidly.

The ultrasound guided sclerotherapy allows for Dr. Schulman as well as the ultrasound technician to actually view where in the vein the medicine, in the foam state, is going.

One advantage of this technique is that it is done into a fully empty varicose vein so in theory there is more contact between the medicine and the inner walls of the vein to be closed.

After the foam is injected the veins to be treated are covered with additional compression and then an ace bandage like wrap for about two days.  While the wraps are on the treated varicose veins, patients are able to walk, drive, climb stairs but are asked to sponge bath so as to not get the wraps wet.  After foam sclerotherapy that is about all the downtime there is- don’t get the bandages wet for about two days.

Treated leg varicose veins do not heal immediately and patients may feel small bumps in the area of the treated veins as they heal over time until the legs are fully smooth.  

Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy has been a great addition to the other ways in which leg veins are treated which also includes liquid injection compression sclerotherapy, micro-surgery, and laser therapy.

If you are in the metro New York area and suffer from either spider or varicose veins, the Schulman Vein And Laser Center offers a free consultation in our three offices, We are located on Park Avenue in the Upper East Side of NYC or in either Manhasset in Nassau County, or Commack in Suffolk County.