Your First Visit

Your First Visit to the Schulman Vein & Laser Center

When a new patient visits the Schulman Vein and Laser Center we make every effort to make it a relaxed and stress free situation. New patients are often nervous but after starting treatment these same patients say they had no idea how simple and pain free vein treatment would be.

All new patients are interviewed to get a medical history with an obvious emphasis on vascular medicine. When indicated a non-invasive Doppler Ultrasound may be done to check the condition of the circulatory system. This is a fully painless and non-invasive test much like what pregnant women have to check on their babies. The legs are then checked in a physical exam (and obviously any other body area-hands/arms/face/temples/breast/chest-where vein therapy is requested). After reviewing the ultrasound results and the examination of your legs, you will be given a detailed explanation of vein treatment options by one of the Dr. Schulman’s and any questions can then be answered.

We welcome any new patients who choose to bring along their mother/daughter/sister/father/brother/son/friend ect. with you at this visit and during the explanation of vein treatment options.

If you want to start vein treatment that day it can be started and possibly even finished based upon the extent of your condition. You will be able to drive yourself home after the treatments and resume normal activity. All endovenous laser treatment, micro-surgery (ambulatory phlebectomy) and out-of-town patients are given the personal cell phone of Dr. Lee G. Schulman should they have any after hour questions.

You will also be called the day after your first treatments as a courtesy follow up call from the Schulman Vein and Laser Center staff.

To schedule an appointment you can call us now at any of our three offices.

  • NYC (212) 987-0500
  • Manhasset, Long Island N.Y. (516) 482-4477
  • Commack, Long Island N.Y. (631) 543-4599

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