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About Vein Therapy / Phlebology

Phlebology is the study of the veins in the human body. It includes both the diagnosis and treatment of venous conditions. Vein disease afflicts many tens of millions of people in America. Medical specialists who specialize in this very focused field are called Phlebologists. It was only in 2005 that the AMA (American Medical Association) formally recognized Phlebology as its own medical practice specialty. A formal Diplomat certification examination in Phlebology was only started a few years later. Applicants for Diplomat certification in Phlebology had to first apply and see if they would even qualify in order to even sit for the exam. If they were determined to be qualified to sit for the exam, they were then able to formally take the Diplomat certification test. As this is a new situation there are very few certified Phlebologists, however, Dr. Lee G. Schulman M.D. was one of the first certified Phlebologists in America.

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