Insurance Coverage For Vein Treatments

Insurance Coverage

At the Schulman Vein And Laser Center we participate with as many insurances as possible. This however does not guarantee that your insurance company will cover treatment. In many cases we may need to take a medical history, do a physical exam of the veins and then contact the insurance company with a letter, doppler ultrasound test result and photos when requested. We will do all we can to help you with insurance but please understand the final decision about insurance coverage for spider or varicose vein therapy, is theirs not ours.Insurance is much more likely to cover patients with enlarged varicose veins and abnormal results on the ultrasound. This helps confirm the presence of venous reflux and insuffiency, in which case the blood is falling back into the leg veins due to gravity rather then returning upwards towards the heart as it should. Often more severe cases may require the EVLT, endo venous laser treatment, for varicose veins and ironically they are often more accepting of those patients. Cosmetic treatments and treatment of hand/temple/arm/breast ect. veins will not be covered.For patients who lack insurance or for whom insurance will not cover treatment, we will accommodate you as much as possible. We will give you a reduction in the fees, extra injections, and allow you to pay it off over time. These issues can best be discussed in person in our offices after seeing the veins and getting a more detailed review of your particular situation.

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