Spider Vein Treatments

Spider Vein Treatment and Spider Vein Removal

Spider vein treatment (or broken blood vessels as they are also called) is a large part of what we specialize in at the Schulman Vein and Laser Center. We believe its important to not just the spider veins themselves but also when possible the causes of the veins which can sometimes be “feeder veins” or varicose veins. In some cases this is possible and can be diagnosed with physical exam or Doppler ultrasound. However, we often say that spider veins are like grey hairs- they are just something you may develop with time but not as a result of anything your doing or not doing.Click here to view some of our Spider Veins before and after treatment photos

Spider Vein Injection Treatment – Sclerotherapy and Foam Sclerotherapy

Injection treatment, also known as injection compression sclerotherapy remains the unquestioned “gold standard” of spider vein treatment throughout the world. It involves injecting a mild chemical into the ‘broken blood veins’ which then causes them to scar shut with the vein walls sealing shut against each other.The needles used in spider vein injections are the smallest manufactured and no anesthesia is necessary. The different medications we use in spider vein treatments are all FDA approved and have been so for over 60 years. We also use them in different concentrations or strengths so we can best tailor the treatment to the type of spider veins being treated, based upon the leg veins location, size, appearance, pressure, local “feeder veins”, surrounding spider veins and skin tone. The medications are pain free while being injected and for spider veins almost universally pain free after vein treatment

Foam Sclerotherapy

Foam sclerotherapy is also used to treat certain leg veins. It involves creating a microfoam substance by rapidly mixing the liquid sclerotherapy medication with air or carbon dioxide. It is made just before the injections are done as the foam does not retain that consistency for very long. The shaving cream like foam is then injected into the veins to help eliminate them.All vein injection treatment is done in our offices personally by either of the Dr. Schulman’s and you will be able to drive yourself home right afterwards.The photos of spider vein treatment patients on this website have all been treated with sclerotherapy.

Laser Treatment for Spider Vein Removal

Laser treatment of spider veins has not been very successful thus far. At the Schulman Vein and Laser Center we do use lasers for the treatment of enlarged varicose veins, and the results are often superb, but small broken blood vessels have not responded well to ‘spider vein lasers’. Most people find that in addition to the severe burning pains the ‘spider vein lasers’ (also known as IPL) cause and the multiple sessions needed, the results of lasers are still extremely inconsistent. It’s not uncommon for us to see patients who have come to us on a friends or doctors recommendation who has had ‘spider vein laser treatment’ elsewhere and been disappointed.As we often say, ‘if there was a magic wand for spider vein removal, we’d have it and be using it !!’

Spider Veins and Electrocautery in the Nose and Face

Some spider veins around the nose are sometimes treated with heat and this is known as electrocautery (also called veingogh by others). While it can be painful temporarily the results are very nice for small veins in the nose or face. There may be a few hours of localized redness in the areas treated but it resolves rapidly and bruising is very rare. Some facial spider veins are also treated using injection sclerotherapy and again bruising is most often rare or mild.After facial vein treatment we suggest only washing your face delicately that night and you will be able to apply makeup as usual the next day.

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