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    Safe treatments with over 55 years of combined experience.

About Schulman Vein Center

Drs. Martin and Lee Schulman M.D. are internationally known phlebologists (Doctors who limit their medical practices to treatment of veins only) and specialize in varicose vein and spider vein treatment. Contact us today ( To book a no cost, no obligation, consultation and get your vein treatment options explained to you and your questions answered personally by Dr. Schulman M.D.)

Vein Treatment That Works

Using non-surgical methods such as laser therapy, painless injection treatments, and microsurgery, the vein experts at Schulman Vein and Laser Center treat the appearance of veins on the legs, hands, face, temples and other parts of the body with minimally invasive procedures. So minimal, in fact, that you are able to drive yourself home afterwards and resume your daily life.

The doctors at the vein treatment center are professionals committed to excellent patient service. With a combined 55 years of experience, Doctors Lee G. Schulman and Martin L. Schulman are among the first board certified vascular surgeons in the country and specialists in vein treatment, otherwise known as phlebology. Call us today to schedule your consultation and to truly learn what makes the Schulman Vein and Laser Center Long Island and Manhattan’s premier vein treatment center.