Although there is never a completely convenient time to commit to a medical procedure, there are many compelling reasons to schedule leg vein treatment during the winter months.

Leg Vein Treatment in the Winter is the Best Time

Over the years, patients who seek treatments for varicose veins and spider veins in the winter have found these treatments to be far more convenient, less uncomfortable, and less embarrassing.

Why is Winter the Best Time to Treat Leg Veins?

Between its weather conditions and its seasonal apparel, wintertime is the ideal time to seek treatment for varicose veins for a number of reasons including…

People are generally less active in wintertime.

In most cases, gentle movement is beneficial for patients immediately following leg vein treatment, but strenuous activity should generally be avoided for several weeks. Because cold weather tends to inhibit strenuous activity, winter leg vein procedures result in fewer lifestyle interruptions.

Winter allows patients to better hide leg vein procedure side effects.

Immediately after leg vein treatment, many patients experience procedure site bruising, swelling, and/or redness that can be unsightly and embarrassing. These side effects are far easier to hide during winter when people tend to exclusively wear long pants and floor-length dresses.

Avoiding the damaging effects of the sun is far simpler in the winter.

Direct exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can significantly worsen the skin discoloration that is common after leg vein treatment. Because people naturally spend more time inside and cover up entirely outside during wintertime, avoiding sun exposure is a snap.

Compression stockings are far more comfortable in cold weather.

A key part of leg vein treatment, compression stockings may get unbearably hot in the summertime. In the winter, however, they can dd an extra layer of pleasant warmth.

What Do Compression Stockings Feel Like?

Depending on your particular health needs and goals, your doctor can recommend compression stockings that exert various levels of pressure (measured in mmHg) on your lower legs. Ideally, your compression stockings should fit snugly but should not cause pain or significant discomfort.

Although marginally tight stockings with lower mmHg numbers should get the average varicose vein patient through the average workday, stockings with firmer compression may be necessary to prevent dangerous DVT (deep vein thrombosis) blood clots.

Returning to Work After Leg Vein Treatment

From superficial spider veins to large deep veins, venous issues can pop up anywhere in the lower extremities and require a wide variety of treatment approaches. This means that recovery time can vary widely.

While many people are back at work the day after procedures on small veins that are close to the skin’s surface, advanced cases of deep various veins may require significantly longer periods of downtime. In fact, patients who undergo serious vein surgeries by have to rest at home for a few days to a full week before returning to work. Patients who form DVT generally require immediate monitoring and ongoing treatment.

Finding Vein Treatment in Manhattan, NY

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