What To Know About Insurance and Varicose Veins

Is it a voluntary procedure for cosmetic purposes or something that’s medically necessary? That’s often the question that you have to ask in order to determine if something is likely to be covered by insurance or if you’ll be paying for the cost of a treatment or procedure out of pocket. And while varicose veins are unsightly, many people automatically assume that treating them is solely for cosmetic purposes. In reality, the presence of varicose veins can cause a lot of pain and discomfort for the individuals that have them – symptoms that can deem treatment medically necessary. In this post, we’ll further explain why varicose vein treatment is often medically necessary and thereby covered by insurance. 

Symptoms of Varicose Veins

Like we said above, though many people associate varicose veins with unsightly appearance, they can lead to more than just skin discoloration and swollen blood vessels. For many people, varicose veins are also accompanied by itching, burning, throbbing and cramping. For some, varicose veins can even lead to intense pain, especially after periods of inactivity. The bottom line is that varicose veins are often more than just a cosmetic inconvenience – they can often impact a person’s quality of life as well. What’s more is that varicose vein discomfort tends to get worse the longer a person lives with them, making the need to have such issues treated sooner rather than later. 

Why Insurance Often Covers Varicose Vein Treatment

While varicose veins are unsightly and often believed to be a cosmetic issue, the fact is that many varicose vein treatments are often considered to be medically necessary – and when a certain treatment or procedure is deemed medically necessary, then medical insurance will almost always cover it – at least to some extent. 

Just why is varicose vein treatment considered medically necessary in many situations? It’s because for many people, the presence of varicose veins – and the swelling, discomfort and pain that is associated with them – often impacts their overall health and wellbeing. Ulcers and abnormal blood flow are also side effects commonly associated with varicose veins. Vein disease is real, and insurance companies are increasingly recognizing that and covering corrective treatments and procedures.

The Amount Your Insurance Will Cover

It’s hard to give a definitive answer on just how much insurance will cover because plans differ so much from person to person. If you’re curious how much insurance will cover, either reference your specific plan, contact your insurance provider or contact your phlebologist’s office to get a better idea of what will be covered by your insurance and what costs you may be responsible for out of pocket. 

Finding Vein Treatment in Manhattan, New York

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