People Often Wonder if CBD OIl is a Home Remedy for Varicose Veins

Cannabidiol (CBD oil) is a chemical found in the cannabis plant. However, CBD oil does not have intoxicating effects like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the more well-known chemical from cannabis plants used to produce marijuana.

The claim that CBD oil can cure varicose veins and other common health issues has increased significantly over the past several years. CBD oil manufacturers have added it to topical creams, body sprays, and other commonly used over-the-counter products. They claim CBD reduces inflammation in the body and therefore can reduce the pain and swelling associated with varicose veins. We urge you to evaluate this healing claim with caution.

Unfortunately, CBD Oil Does Not Cure Varicose Veins

As of late 2020, no conclusive studies have proven that CBD oil eliminates symptoms such as burning, itching, swelling, and leg heaviness associated with varicose veins. Some studies do suggest that CBD oil can be helpful in the treatment of restless leg syndrome, a condition sometimes related to varicose veins.

Hemp oil, which contains neither CBD oil nor THC, has demonstrated limited benefit for reducing pain and itching from varicose veins and improving their unsightly appearance. While there is nothing wrong with considering supplemental vein treatments, you should not solely rely on these alternative products. Varicose vein treatment  requires proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment from a doctor specializing in vein care.

What You Can Do to Get Rid of Varicose Veins

Whether you are seeking relief of varicose vein symptoms or would like vein treatment for cosmetic reasons, Schulman Vein and Laser Center can help with one of four outpatient treatments for varicose veins.

Endo Venous Laser Treatment (EVLT) has replaced earlier procedures such as litigation surgery and vein stripping that could be long and uncomfortable for patients. With laser therapy, you remain awake the entire time under local anesthesia. We take extra caution not to leave scars behind by using fine needles containing laser fibers to deliver medication to your varicose veins. The goal is to close faulty or broken veins that promote improper blood flow between the veins and heart.

Varicose vein micro-surgery, formally known as ambulatory phlebectomy, enables Dr. Schulman to remove varicose veins from your legs. He does this by making tiny incisions on the outer surface of the veins and then using a special phlebectomy devise to locate and remove them. The last step is to close the incision points.

Our vein clinic also offers two types of injections for the treatment of varicose veins. One method, called foam sclerotherapy, relies on a mixture of medications and carbon dioxide to create a foam resembling shaving cream. When inserted into a needle, the foam solution helps to quickly push the medication towards the veins. You can also opt for varicose vein injections without foam. The goal of both injection types is to eliminate or at least greatly reduce varicose vein symptoms.

What to Expect After Your Procedure

All vein treatments take place at our vein center in Manhattan and take approximately 30 minutes to complete. After the procedure, Dr. Schulman and his assistants bandage the treated area and provide discharge instructions. You can resume normal activities immediately, and Dr. Schulman will follow up with you by phone that evening.

Finding Vein Treatment in Manhattan, New York

We invite you to meet our vein physicians in Manhattan, NY to discuss proven and long-lasting vein treatment options. Please schedule an appointment to learn more or to reserve time for a procedure at our Long Island Manhattan vein center.