Many people make new years resolutions and a small percent of those people actually follow through and carry out their ambitious plans. 

One of the most commonly heard things from new patients at the Schulman Vein And Laser Center in Long Island and New York City, is that ‘I’ve been thinking about having my spider veins or large varicose veins treated for years but was just to afraid to start’.  Often it’s these same once worried patients who comment on how if they had known how pain-free, simple and effective the vein treatments can be, they would have started years sooner.

In our offices, by using special lasers designed just for vein treatments, microsurgery and injection therapy, all spider and varicose veins can be treated and eliminated.  Not only will your legs look better but also your circulation will be improved and they will feel better as well.   If your having symptoms from the leg veins such as heaviness, throbbing, night cramps, edema/swelling, discoloration or tightness, vein treatment may very well be the cure you need.

As with many medical conditions, the veins will almost never get better on their own, without treatment.  The one exception to this rule is for pregnant women whose veins often worsen during the nine months of pregnancy, only to get somewhat better after they deliver their baby.

While not causing symptoms but producing outstanding cosmetic results, treatment of the hand, temples, or chest/breast veins is also a pain free in-office procedure.  In keeping with the new years resolution theme, we often have leg vein treatment patients who later decide to treat their large hand veins, only to comment that they cant figure out why they waited so long to ‘turn back their hands of time’.

If you are one of those ‘I want to get rid of my leg veins, but I’m just to nervous’ types, we have a few suggestions for you.  Understand that the veins are not going to go away on their own and are more likely to worsen the longer you have them.  We also offer a free, no obligation consultation so together we can look at your veins and offer our suggestions on treatment, should you wish to pursue it.  If you would like to be evaluated you can call our New York City vein center at 212.987.0500, or our Long Island Vein Center at 516.482.4477 or 631.543.4599.