It’s not uncommon for people to experience swelling in their legs and ankles and to see it even more so at the end of the day. This can be one sign that your leg veins are varicose and not working well enough to bring the blood back up ‘north’ to your heart.

All varicose veins in the legs are sort of like an extra weight of fluid (blood) being held below the heart. As the veins bulge and protrude more the volume of blood increases even more and the veins get even more varicose and enlarged. All this extra fluid can lead to swelling in the legs.

All fluids are gravity dependent. They always follow the path of least resistance and react to gravity. Just think of what happened if you spill a glass of water- it goes downward towards the floor as fast as gravity can pull it. Its easy to understand that fluid can easily go ‘downhill’ but it’s much more challenging to bring it back ‘upstream’ against the forces of gravity.

This is partly due to physics but the presence of venous insuffiency and varicose veins just makes it worse.

If your leg veins are causing swelling in one or both of your legs you might want to consider seeing a vein specialist for an ultrasound and evaluation of your circulation.