What Are Some Complications Of Leg Veins If Left Untreated ?   Insights Into Venous Leg Ulceration

The benefits and risks of any medical procecdure need to be weighed before a person elects to undergo any voluntary treatment.  The treatment of veins in the legs is no different.

Why To Treat Leg Veins-

If left untreated the veins in your legs will almost certainly worsen and enlarge.  It’s not possible to say how rapidly they will continue to enlarge and become darker, but left untreated they will NOT resolve on their own.   Cosmetics aside, the worse the veins become the more it will cause changes in the skin in the area on the inner ankle of your leg.

Medically this is potentially problematic as the skin becomes darker in color and takes on a hardened wood-like texture.  The color and loss of supple nature of the skin is from the pressure most experienced in the ankles from the faulty vein valves and varicosities in the leg.  The medical term for the hardening is Lipodermatosclerosis.  This means literally ‘a hardening or sclerosis of the skin’.

The ankle has the greatest amount of pressure on it as it is at the very bottom of the long column of blood making its way back to the heart.  Imagine you put a hole in a big soda bottle. If the hole is towards the top of the bottle there is not so much pressure and fluid would escape with only moderate pressure.  If however a hole if punched at the bottom of the bottle a very different situation occurs.  By having so much more pressure and weight on the lower areas there is a much greater force moving the fluid.

While a person can live a very long and productive life with enlarged bulging varicose veins, the treatment of them can significantly lessen the chances of developing venous ulcerations in the legs.

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