Facial Varicose Vein Treatment

Facial Varicose Vein Treatment

While it can be easy to cover up varicose veins on the legs, spider veins on the face can be a distraction with every glance in the mirror.

At Schulman Vein and Laser Center, we specialize in removal of varicose veins on the face and in the temple region on both men and women.

While some patients undergo treatment due to varicose vein pain or swelling, many choose to have their facial veins treated to improve youthfulness and overall appearance. Before deciding if treatment is right for you, we think it’s important that you know a bit about what causes varicose veins.

What Causes Common Facial Varicose Veins?

Facial varicose veins occur when a vein has lost elasticity or their valves become weak, allowing the blood to pool in the veins and enlarging them; this loss of elasticity is typically caused by aging or pregnancy.

Common locations of varicose veins in the face include

  • Above and below the eyes
  • Around the temples
  • Near any tightened areas of skin

These areas are more prone to spider veins because the blood vessels are closer to the surface and thus more easily visible.

Who Suffers from Varicose Veins on the Face?

The risk of varicose veins increases with aging due to simple wear and tear on the body, and anyone can suffer from varicose veins on the face, though some are more likely than others.

Other causes of varicose veins:

  • Women are more likely to develop varicose veins, especially if they have been pregnant and experienced significant hormonal changes.
  • Being overweight or obese puts extra strain onto blood vessels, causing them to weaken more easily.
  • Family history can play a large role in varicose vein susceptibility.

Face Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose vein treatment is performed via injection therapy, called sclerotherapy. Solutions of medication are injected directly into the veins, causing them to become irritated and close themselves off from blood, greatly reducing their visibility.

  • No anesthesia is used in injection therapy, and the injections are virtually painless.
  • Injection sites are briefly covered with a small cotton pad, but you will leave our office bandage-free.
  • While these veins may seem close to the brain or eye, any that are visible on the face are a safe distance away and will not affect the blood supplied to the brain or eyes.
  • Light bruising or swelling can occur, but it is uncommon, occurring only rarely around the eyes.
  • Small nose veins can be treated as well, though we cauterize them with a high-frequency probe.
  • All medications have been approved by the FDA and have been in use for decades without interacting with other medications.

All varicose vein removal procedures are outpatient, with no significant pain and no face wrappings or bandages. See examples of facial varicose vein removal.

As a side effect of treatment, some veins may become more visible due to a tightening of the skin, and some more prominent “veins” may actually be arteries with a pulse you can easily feel. Facial arteries are not treatable.

Temple and Facial Vein treatment Facts

  • Some veins become more visible after cosmetic facial surgery. This is not a result of any error by the cosmetic surgeon but merely the tightening of the skin which makes the veins appear more prominent
  • Some ‘veins’ are in fact arteries with an easily palpated pulse and are thus not treatable
  • While these facial and temple veins are near the brain/eye ect.  they are in reality much further away then you realize. Just as your finger on your belly is ‘near’ your stomach, to actually travel from one to the other is a very far distance. The medications will in no way travel into the blood supply of the brain/eye etc. and have no effect on the skulls internal organs at all
  • Bruising or swelling is a possibility but not commonly seen, although is is seen more  with injections into the areas just above or  below the eye. If they occur they are very temporary and  can be covered with makeup the next day and helped with topical arnica
  • Some very small veins on the nose are treated with electrocautery via a high frequency micro probe into the veins
  • After treatment you will be asked to hold the cotton bandages we use against your treated area for a few minutes. Nobody needs to leave our office with any wrapping or bandages on their face.
  • The is no pain significant pain either during or after treatment of these veins

As with all work at the Schulman Vein and Laser Center, all work is done using only FDA approved medications and is done personally by one of the Dr. Schulman’s, on an outpatient basis.

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