No matter what you’ll be wearing, spider veins on your wedding day can be a dark mark on an otherwise radiant occasion. If you’re thinking of treating them beforehand, you can’t leave it until the last minute though. We’ll look at what causes this condition and how the sessions can give you a little extra confidence with every step down the aisle. 

Spider Vein Treatment Takes Multiple Sessions for Most People 

The scientific term for spider veins is telangiectasia. The more colloquial name is due to the branches of veins that can head off in any direction and resemble a crisscross web. You can get these red, purple, or blue marks anywhere on your body, even if you’re most likely to get them on your legs. 

Spider veins are usually found alongside varicose veins, but not always. Both are caused by vessels in your body that have filled with pooled blood, though varicose veins can go deeper into your body and thus become more of a danger. Spider veins don’t pose a serious health threat, though they can be a nuisance on multiple levels for anyone who has them. 

Treatments for spider veins, also known as cosmetic sclerotherapy, take multiple sessions because the doctor needs to close the vein. To do this, they’ll essentially irritate the lining. For the agitation to cause fibrosis, the doctor will need to try it several times. The bigger and larger your spider veins are, the more treatments you’re likely to need. Spider veins usually take between 2 – 5 sessions to work and disappear in 2 – 6 weeks.

Bruising After Treatment: How Long Does it Last?

Doctors use an extremely tiny needle to inject the sclerosing solution, which helps to minimize any bruising. Even more noticeable bruises tend to disappear within two weeks, though it’s technically possible for them to last longer. We recommend planning your treatments to ensure that you’re entirely bruise-free at least three weeks before you’re wedding.

This may mean starting up to 11 weeks beforehand to ensure doctors have time to complete the treatment, and you have time to heal. This gives you up to 6 weeks for the treatments, two weeks to heal, and three weeks of bruise-free bliss before you’re ready for the big day. Please note that if you do experience bruising, it can typically be controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers. 

Will Treatments Remove my Spider Veins Permanently?

No. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee permanent vein removal. However, an experienced doctor will attempt to treat any underlying conditions that cause spider veins, such as venous reflux, to reduce the odds of spider vein return and limit the number of sessions you need to attend. 

Finding Vein Treatment in Manhattan, NY

Spider veins may not have the same degree of severity as varicose veins, but they’re also likely the last thing you want to see before you get married. The Schulman Vein And Laser Center in Manhattan, New York is proud to help patients get the vein care they need, whether it’s for health or cosmetic reasons. If you’d like to meet our vein physicians in Manhattan, NY or schedule an appointment, contact us today to see how we can help.