When varicose veins are so common, there’s bound to be plenty of home remedies recommended to cure them. The question is, just how much stock should you put into these solutions? If you’ve heard that salty seawater can be the answer to the problem, we’ll look at the validity of the claim, how it got started, and why there are (far) better treatment options available. 

Why Salty Seawater Doesn’t Cure Varicose Veins

Seawater may have plenty of minerals in it, but this doesn’t mean that it can cure varicose or spider veins. These conditions are caused by pooled blood in the body. So while ocean water may help certain skin conditions, it can’t actually penetrate below the surface to cure pooling or prevent it in the future. 

So how did this myth get started? It might be because people believe that the waves of the sea will help blood flow, which will end the pooling. There is something to be said for the compression effect (like a stocking) that you might get from immersing the legs in water, but the actual results aren’t anywhere near the same as more targeted treatments. 

Why Swimming Helps Varicose Veins

Before getting into swimming specifically, it should be noted that all exercise helps varicose veins. Any movement will help to stimulate blood flow.

Swimming in particular though can help prevent pooling in the veins, particularly when the water is on the cooler side. The ocean tends to be fairly insulated against even the hottest days, but if you’re in shallow waters, you might want to swim in the mornings or evenings after the worst of the heat has passed. (Same advice goes for other bodies of water as well.)

One thing you will want to avoid is the sun during the summer, as the heat tends to make varicose veins worse. You should also skip burying your legs in the sand as a compression solution as this is unlikely to help. If you’re going to protect your feet from the heat by burying them under, just make sure that the sand is damp and cool before you get started. 

Treatments for Varicose Veins

If you really want to make your varicose veins vanish, you’ll likely need medical intervention. Here are a few common treatments you might opt for in Manhattan:

  • Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy: This process will inject a shaving-cream like foam into the vein, displacing the blood and closing off small- to medium-sized veins. 
  • Laser Ablation: Ablation will cauterize the saphenous vein, otherwise known as the usual suspect for people with varicose veins. 
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy: An ambulatory phlebectomy will entirely remove both symptomatic and non-symptomatic varicose veins from the body. 

The right vein treatment for you will depend on everything from the severity of the varicose veins to the type of veins affected. Smaller vessels can be removed with a phlebectomy relatively easily but larger veins may only be able to be treated with a laser. 

Finding Vein Treatment in Manhattan, NY

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