After Varicose Vein Treatment, You’ll Want to Cover Up As You Heal

Though vein treatments today are highly effective and minimally invasive, there are still several things that you must do following the procedure to ensure a successful result. A big part of post-vein treatment care is ensuring that you protect that area by covering it up – and the cooler fall months make this much more practical to do while still staying comfortable. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at post-care best practices after treatment for varicose veins. Read on for more information:

What Happens After a Vein Procedure?

After the anesthesia wears off, it’s normal to experience some mild discomfort in the treated area. Usually, this is best relieved by taking an over-the-counter pain killer, which also helps to control any swelling. The treated area will be wrapped in a dressing, which you can remove after 48 hours – and when you do remove this dressing, you’ll notice bruising on the treated area. This is perfectly normal, however to ensure a successful result, it’s crucial to cover up the treated area for the next seven to 14 days with the compression stocking you received from the doctor. Simply put, autumn is an ideal time to have vein procedures performed, as you can hide the compression comfortably and conveniently by wearing pants. During the summer months, hiding this compression can be more challenging due to warmer temperatures – and the sun’s UV rays can inhibit proper healing, making coverage so important. 

Furthermore, autumn is also a more comfortable time to get outdoors and exercise – and exercise and staying active is key to a successful outcome. 

How Vein Doctors Diagnose Veins

Many times, experienced vein doctors can diagnose vein issues just by closely examining them. In other cases, they may perform an ultrasound test to help with the diagnosis of any suspected vein problems. Following a thorough physical exam and non-invasive ultrasound test, vein doctors will consult with you and carefully explain what they found and what can be done to resolve any issues. 

How to Best Prepare for a Vein Procedure

While your vein doctor will provide detailed instructions on how to best prepare for a vein procedure, there are some general steps you’ll want to follow.

  • Shower and shave: You likely won’t be allowed to shower for a day following the procedure, as it’s important not to get the post-procedure dressing wet. It’s also important to shave the area set to be treated. Just be sure not to use a moisturizer or lotion. 
  • Come to the appointment wearing loose clothing so it won’t irritate the area set to be treated before and after the procedure.
  • Eat a good meal prior to your appointment and ensure you’re hydrated. You’ll want to refrain from consuming any caffeinated beverages, however – so be sure to skip your morning coffee.

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