Facial spider veins can make your face, especially your nose and cheek areas, appear red. When you look at your skin up close, you may see that the overall redness is actually made up of many clusters of tiny broken blood vessels. The vessels look like spider webs or tiny tree branches.

Spider veins on the face can be frustrating, because they don’t go away on their own. You’re left with the choice of ignoring the skin redness or covering it with make-up daily. Luckily there is another solution to get rid of your web-like veins. You can make a quick visit to your local vein doctor.

Get Rid of Spider Veins Fast

Our skilled and experienced medical team offers several state-of-the-art treatments for spider veins, including sclerotherapy. The procedure is very effective and takes only a few minutes.

Sclerotherapy works by irritating the tiny broken vessels, so that they collapse and gradually disappear. To accomplish this, our vein doctor uses a tiny needle to inject a saline-based liquid into the vein clusters.

Your vein doctor may recommend a different procedure, such as laser therapy, which is sometimes preferred for treating facial skin. Patients typically rate both types of treatment, sclerotherapy, and laser, nearly painless.

How Long it Takes for Sclerotherapy to Work

Your tiny red veins won’t go away instantly. They will fade and become less noticeable, as the body gradually breaks down the now useless, closed veins. The body will dispose of the collapsed vein clusters over a short time. Although everyone’s healing process is unique,

What to Expect After Sclerotherapy

  • Each sclerotherapy injection takes only a few seconds, and after only a few minutes of treatment, you’re done! You’re able to go on with your day.
  • Your skin will seem redder than ever at first, for a few hours after sclerotherapy. If you have sensitive or thin skin, the redness may take a bit longer to fade away.
  • Bruising may occur in the treated area, and these fade gradually over the coming weeks. The small needle sticks may become raised and red. Any skin penetration has a risk of infection, but this is rare.
  • You will need to be gentle with your skin, and use sun protection, to aid healing and help prevent new spider-web veins from forming.
  • You may not be able to avoid getting new web-like vein clusters, because some people have a genetic tendency to get them throughout their lives. You may need a touch-up sclerotherapy treatment in the years to come.

Setting up a Consultation With Schulman Vein

Dr. Martin Schulman and Dr. Lee Schulman are noted experts specializing in vein treatment and vascular diseases. At the Schulman Vein And Laser Center, you’ll receive personalized care from one of the doctors, who will design a treatment plan for your specific needs.

To schedule your consultation about spider veins, contact Schulman Vein And Laser Center today