This is the first in a series of blogs to answer what are often asked questions of a vein treatment specialist.  The best vein specialists may not always agree as to the exact answers to certain asked questions but in this series of blogs, Dr.’s Lee Schulman M.D. and Martin Schulman M.D. will try to sort out reasonable answers.

Where Should Vein Therapy Be Done ?

The most obvious answer is it should be done where you can see a vein specialist and not just a ‘part timer’, for your care.  In big cities like NYC and Long Island there are centers that do nothing but vein treatment and the more specialized your physician is, the better the results should be.  In addition to seeing a true recognized specialist, it’s worth finding out if they are either board certified or diplomats of societies that concentrate on vein treatment.

As for specific physicial locations for treatment it really is a choice between a vein center or clinic, or going to a hospital.  The vein clinic is most often located in a medical office where all work should be able to be done.  In a setting like this, you can be more confident that you will be cared for strictly by the vein doctor of your choice and not a nurse, physician in training, or even medical student.  At centers such as the Schulman Vein And Laser Centers Of Long Island And NYC, all care is given in the office on an outpatient basis.  The old fashioned big surgery known as stripping and ligation with its large scars and need for anesthesia is now almost never done on patients, meaning the need for a hospital or operating room is eliminated.  Being treated in an office outside of the hospital also affords you more privacy and an easier access as opposed to a large institutional building.

It’s also worth noting that after all vein treatment you will be able to drive yourself home. Even when micro-surgery or laser procedures are done, there is never a need for general anesthesia.  The local anesthesia used is injected just along the vein and wont effect your senses or reflexes, so driving is certainly no problem afterwards.

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